SkyMaster Clinic



Services Offered

  • Acute and routine appointments

  • Physical/Periodic Health Assessments (PHAs)

  • Prescription services (limited)

Access to Care

Appointments for AIT Students, NCOA students and USAF students only.


Appointments for all students are made via MEDDAC (Eustis) Form 138, routed through your Platoon Sergeant to the TMC.


Before submitting a sick call slip through your Platoon Sergeant, complete the Soldier's portion of the PHA in AKO under "My Medical Readiness Status”. Print the screen that shows the completed member's portion and staple to the sick call slip.

Contact Information 
Phone: 757-314-8096

Mon - Fri: 0600 to 1600


664 Darcy Place Ft. Eustis, VA 23604