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Visitor Guidelines

Visitor Reference Guide

McDonald Army Health Center’s (MCAHC) General Surgery wing welcomes and encourages patients undergoing surgery to have family and friends at the health center for support. The following information is intended to assist those who accompany surgical patients at MCAHC.

Upon Arrival

Upon arrival to the surgical area (located on the second floor of the health center and accessible from the elevators located in the main lobby), patients and designated escort are asked to register at the surgical reception desk.  From there, one patient escort will be able to accompany the patient into the surgical admitting area.  Communication with the surgical team is very important.  The medical service assistants working at the reception desk are there to assist in the process and to facilitate communication.

During Surgery

At the surgical reception desk, we will ask for one person to be identified as the designated escort for the patient. This person will receive periodic updates on the patient's condition and the progress of the procedure.  All surgical patients must have a designated escort to be physically present during their procedure of surgery.

After Surgery

After the surgical procedure, the surgeon will update the patient's designated escort.    At that time, the patient is transferred to our PACU area to be monitored for any post-surgery needs.  Once the patient has recovered (which can take up to an hour or more after the surgeon speaks with you), a nurse will let you know where you may visit with the patient.  Patients will be reunited with family members in preparation for discharge.

Visiting Hours

Family members may be with you the day of surgery. While you are in the operating and recovery rooms, they should wait in the Surgical Waiting Area located on the second floor. When you return to your room, they are notified and may join you.