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 Release of Information

BLDG 576 Jefferson Ave, First Floor, Room G-16, Fort Eustis, VA 23604 757-314-7868 or 757-314-7865
Fax Number: 757-314-7671
Monday - Wednesday 0730-1430
Thursday 1430-1630
Friday 0730-1630
Closed during Lunch 1200-1300
The release of information office is responsible for obtaining records from previous duty station, duplication of records (i.e. personal copies, insurance requests, legal requests, and copies for VA claims). Patrons are entitled to one free copy of their medical record, per AR 40-66. Additional copies will be assessed an administrative fee of $13.25 plus a copying fee of .15 cents per page. Due to the large volume of requests, customers requesting duplication of their medical records should submit their requests in writing no less than 30 business days in advance.
Please Note: Medical Records are the property of the United States Government and are maintained for the benefit of the patient. Release of Information staff have the responsibility for ensuring all medical records held in their custody are safeguarded from loss or tampering, and that the information in the records is released only to authorized individuals.
Can McDonald Army Health Center (MCAHC) fax my records to another doctor or hospital?
  • No, not unless the patient is in the Emergency Room. However, you may obtain a copy of the information you need for your appointment.
  • Most civilian care providers do not require a patient's entire medical record for a visit.
Do you need a copy of your medical record?
  • Visit the Release of Information office, Room G-16 and complete a DD Form 2870.
  • If you are a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) soldier, your Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer (PEBLO) will provide copies of your records before transitioning from the military.
  • Per AR 40-66, when you ETS or retire, the record remains property of the government.
  • You should request a copy of your record a minimum of 30 days prior to your ETS or retirement date.
  • Soldiers will need to provide a copy of their separation orders at the time of request.
  • You may also request a copy of dependent(s) records, under age 18, a minimum of 30 days prior to separation from service.
  • After two years of inactivity, the records are archived to the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Visit the National Personnel Records Center website at www.archives.gov/st-louis/index.html
How may I obtain my medical records from a civilian facility or physician?
  • You must obtain the complete mailing address and telephone number for that facility.
  • Bring the information to the Release of Information office located in Room G-16 in order to process the request.
  • When the information is received by MCAHC, it will be placed in your government medical records.
How do I request my medical records from another military facility?
  • Visit the Release of Information office, Room G-16 and complete a DD Form 877.
  • When the paperwork is obtained by our facility, it will be placed in your medical records.