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Announcements: Winter Storm Helena (Closure/Delayed Reporting Instructions)


Winter Storm Helena (Closure/Delayed Reporting Instructions)


UPDATE:  McDonald Family,

McDonald Army Health Center will remain closed to all patient care services on Tuesday, 10 JAN 2017, to include Clinical, Operating Room, Pharmacy, Laboratory, and Radiology Services.  Your McDonald Staff will contact you to reschedule any appointment or service that may be cancelled due to the closure. 
Please continue to monitor our Facebook page and our website at for future updates.
***Reporting instructions for MCAHC Staff***:
*JBLE is Open Under a Delayed Reporting/Liberal Leave status for Tuesday10JAN. 
*All Mission Essential TMC Staff are required to report for duty at their normal assigned time to ensure the troop care mission is maintained.
*All Mission Essential Civilian Staff and Mission Essential Military Staff (as directed by leadership) assigned to the main health center and all other MCAHC services on the installation are required to report NLT 0900.
*Civilian and Military Staff deemed Non-Mission Essential are on a 4 hour delay from their normal report time
*Fort Story Base Operating Status for 10JAN is unknown at this time.  Fort Story Clinic Staff (Civilian and Military) should plan to report for duty in accordance with the most current Fort Story Base Operating Status

 **If leave is taken, 4 hours will be charged as Admin (due to the mandated delay) and 4 hours charged as annual leave.




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