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After Hours Access to Care
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TRICARE defines an emergency as a medical, maternity or psychiatric condition that would lead a "prudent layperson" (someone with an average knowledge of health and medicine) to believe that a serious medical condition existed, or the absence of medical attention would result in a threat to his or her life, limb or eyesight and requires Immediate medical treatment or which has painful symptoms requiring immediate attention to relieve suffering in case of an emergency, please dial 911 or proceed to the nearest Emergency Room.

NON-EMERGENCY: Contact the McDonald Army Health Center Administrative Officer of the Day (AOD) at 757-314-7859, or AOD Cellular 757-508-2949. The AOD will retrieve pertinent information from you and have the On-Call Provider contact you.

ON-CALL PROVIDER is available after hours 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Should you have a medical concern that requires urgent evaluation and is not life threatening, please perform the following:

  • Call 757-314-7859 or 757-508-2949 to speak with the AOD to access the On-call provider.
  • The provider will determine your care needs.
  • The provider will instruct you on how to proceed from there whether to seek care at a local Emergency Department (ED), Urgent Care or to make an appointment for the next available day.

If the provider directs you to Urgent Care:

  • The provider will take your Information and will put a referral In the system the next business day.
  • If advised to go to an ED for a life threatening condition: dial 911 or go to the nearest hospital, patient does not need authorization.
  • It is critical that you follow the provides advice to the letter to ensure the appropriate care is received at the right place and time.

Any follow-up care from an ED or Urgent Care visit must be coordinated with your Primary Care Manager before seeking any additional treatment. Call 1-866-645-4584 for an appointment via the Hampton Roads Appointment line. Beneficiaries who fail to obtain appropriate authorization for care received outside a Military Treatment Facility (MTF) may possibly be held accountable to pay their deductible and a cost share of 50% of the allowable charge after their deductible has been met.

  • How do I get a referral? Make an appointment with your Primary Care Manager

If you need Urgent Care, TRICARE beneficiaries enrolled to McDonald Army Health Center (MCAHC) can call their Primary Care Manager Team during duty hours and the AOD after duty hours. The AOD can be reached at: 757-314-7859, or AOD Cellular 757-508-2949.

Urgent Care during travel out of area: Call TRICARE at 1 877-874-2273 for a network provider In the area you are travelling, your PCM will need to be contacted for to submit a referral for that out of area provider.

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